Post Operation and Pre Therapy

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Operation went well, 1st week, not too good, constant ache and in constant bed rest making me sore, unable to relax, thank god for moms-in-law, she could barely watch herself and she’s taking care of me, GBTITA, 2nd week faring better, getting rash under arm(very annoying) moving around more, exercising arm, still stiff on upper arm. Third week, went to clinic, they couldn’t wait to check me, checked twice before 3pm, next appointment 3 weeks from today, arm feeling a lot better, doing itsy, bitsy spider and pendulum excercise, once a day, dreading physical therapy, because the way everybody is telling me its going to hurt in the beginning, but looking forward to using arm normally. Fourth week, going a lot better, on computer, mouse hunting all day(that’s another story), getting ready for therapy.

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