Pre-op and the Probe

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NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases

Next leg of this journey, took me to NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases, for a pre-op, nice people, Wanda made a lot of new friends, I went to the little boys room and when I came out Wanda was looking at family photos of the anesthesiologist from her photo album she kept, this lady makes friends everywhere, unbelievable, but, she came in handy, she knows her stuff. I strongly recommend having somebody with you thru this process as it could become overwhelming.


Here I sit waiting for my Doctor, shirt, shoes and socks off, waiting to get final ok to get my wing repaired from my primary doctor. While sitting on the examination table waiting for her, I realize she loves to probe her patients, that’s when the sweating started “That’s when they should check your blood pressure“, not before, well, during the entire examination I couldn’t stop thinking, when is she going to tell me to drop my shorts, well to my relief, she said “Get dress”after a sigh of relief I get dress as quick as possible, just in case she changes her mind, I was never so happy to have a women tell me that. Whew!

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