General Statement of Duties and Responsibilities

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Sanitation Worker [010]

Under direct supervision, performs the work and prepares and operates various types of equipment involved in street cleaning, waste collection, recycling collection, snow removal, encumbrance removal and waste disposal; performs related work.

Examples of Typical Tasks

Follows route sheet of assigned work area; loads and unloads waste materials and bulk items; sweeps and cleans city streets; participates in special cleaning and collection work details.
Inspects and prepares department vehicles and equipment for operation; drives and/or operates department vehicles and equipment. During winter months, attaches and operates snow plows, removes snow and ice from city streets and arterial roadways, and spreads salt and sand.
Monitors collected waste for hazardous or toxic materials.
Uses operational manuals and instructional materials.
Prepares necessary forms and reports; enters data and makes log entries.
Moors, shifts, secures and covers barges.
When assigned, performs enforcement duties.

Qualification Requirements

1. A four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent.
2. There are certain medical, physical and age requirements.

License Requirement

A valid New York State Class A or B Commercial Driver License (CDL) with an “N” Tank Vehicles endorsement, no “L, L1, L2” restriction (no Air Brakes), and no “K” CDL Intrastate Only (not valid outside N.Y.S.) restriction.
Any pending license issues that may render CDL A or B status void after appointment to the title of Sanitation Worker may disqualify candidates. Serious moving violation(s), driver license suspension, accident record or other indication of poor driving ability may disqualify candidates.
This license and endorsement with no restrictions for air brakes must be maintained for the duration of employment.

Direct Lines of Promotion From: None To: Supervisor (Sanitation) (70150)

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