Not all exams are made equal, but never fear there are some things you can do to improve your chances at that elusive promotion that will help you and your family improve their lot in life monetarily.

First, not everybody wakes up in the morning knowing everything, some of us are just blessed on taking exams without skipping a beat, for the rest of us we must put in more of an effort than others.

Somethings to consider to improve your chances in the next promotion.

  • Classes given by the Fraternal Organizations.
  • Study groups.
  • Read, Read and Read.

Reading is fundamental, this might be the most important thing that you can do. Some could read a chapter and absorb everything in that chapter, well not me. I’m sure there are others out there like me. I would read that chapter a few times until I was confident that I understood the material.

One thing that I think helped me over the years is really an old idea and that is to improve your vocabulary, that will help with your understanding of situations sometimes put on these exams. It helps to know or at least take an educate guess on what that person was thinking when he/she put that question in.

There are some other little things you can do that might help to improve your chances.

Get your rest, not just on the night before(important) exam but also when studying.

Eat, hunger doesn’t help you study. Make sure you eat something before taking exam nothing to heavy.

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