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Stevie FroschHi,

My name is Stevie Frosch, I’m 8 years old and in the 3rd grade. I wonder if you could help me with my project? I promise it’s not hard, costs nothing, and we can do some good together!

With my dad’s help I’m trying to accomplish two goals:

1. Help save an endangered rainforest while helping to protect the thousands of species of animals, birds, insects, and plants that live there.

2. Become the first American 8 year old to save 100,000 square feet of endangered rainforest through the Tropicana Rescue the Rainforest Project. (I’ve saved 10,000, 27,000,30,000, 45,000 50,000 square feet already!)

Below I have more info about the cause, but here’s how you can help me:

E-mail me cap codes (from under the cap) on Tropicana Pure Premium Juice containers (to: and EVEN IF YOU CAN’T HELP, PLEASE FORWARD THIS E-MAIL TO ANYONE YOU THINK WOULD OR COULD. That’s it!! (Every little bit counts!)

Each redeemed point will save 33 1/3 square feet of rainforest (the deadline is 2/28/11).


Tropicana, working with Cool Earth, in the Ashaninka Corridor of the Amazon (in Peru), is working to save this most endangered rainforest. The Ashaninka tribe that lives there is one of the largest surviving Amazon ethnic groups with a truly rich history. They are threatened by loggers that are illegally leveling the rainforest and stealing their mahogany and cedar trees for export.

With our help, Tropicana is securing the land and helping the Ashaninka tribe responsibly manage its valuable resources. Each 3 point cap will save 100 feet of the rainforest.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!!!
Stevie Frosch
Long Island, NY

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