Rivera’s Summer 2010 Road Trip

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Oh boy!, lots of fun no relaxing with Master Dante, miss that kid, a total meltdown from the males in the family, me in beautiful Key West and Dante in the middle of a road somewhere between Key West and Key largo, I don’t  know which one was worst, mine or his, he missed his mom Shaneya and his little brother Aiden, mine was just 4 days without a breather:( with the heat beating on me, sorry Familia.

After getting up and dusting ourselves off, we began what turned out to be a very good vacation. GBF&F
Pleasure Island AMC to see Despicable Me

Rain Forest Restaurant with the Zamzams

Key West: Very Beautiful – Recommended – Sunset was very nice.
Conch Train Tour in Key West – ask for Captain Harry – very entertaining.

Universal Studios and Disney Polynesian Resort with the Colons.

The Samba Room Restaurant and Lounge on Sand Lake Road with the BravosWonderworks

Marriott’s Grand Vista Resort

Florida 2006 (36)

Learn to make Mojitos, Strawberry Mojitos was the best 🙂


The resort kept us busy thru the two weeks there , considering that it felt like it was always raining, plus company from some friends and family made the trip well worth it. It turned out to be a very nice vacation, a lot of good memories. We ended the trip with a BBQ which turned into a rainy night BBQ by the Bar, with good friends and family. Summer 2010 into the books as a very good summer. GBF&F


PS: We even got in some down time to ourselves when we got back to NYC. Nice ending to this vacation. 🙂

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