Roll Call Then and Now

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Some things don’t change, they just evolve to another level, or do they, you be the judge.

Apparently we use to be under the umbrella of the NYPD, an officer was assigned to get us out in the morning and make sure we signed out at the end of the day. Captain Alexander “The Clubber” Williams was one them(Dignity and Respect), so this guy and his friends use to beat the guys if things went wrong, now we use complaints instead, I know some bosses would like to see this come back.


Smoke, Drink any liquids, Talk, Don’t interrupt unless you have a question.


Listen and be respectful.
How many times I’ve seen people take roll call for granted, is more often than I can count, I know some of it is boring, but good information comes out these procedures and you should know what’s going on, so you can protect yourself and your partner for the day.

Ignorance is not bliss on this job!
Safety First and Always

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