Roll Calls DSNY Family Weekly V33

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I hated Roll Calls just as much as the next guy/girl, but I know they’re necessary, they’re mostly boring but every so often some good(information) comes out of them.
For the most part they go like shampoo instruction (lather, rinse, repeat)but it does get silly for some of us that are bald. Yes they’re are repetitive, they’re not intended to be fun, every so often they are though.

They’re done to make sure you are there and ready to go to work. Teletypes are read and off you go to your assigned duties for the day.


Definitely the worst roll calls are the ones that come with the PAP Mobile, when everybody sees that bus, all those well laid out plans you had for the day go out the window and plan “B” takes effect. It makes for a long day for everybody.

Memories of Roll Calls



Some of the grab-assing that went on and sometimes leading to some heated exchanges.

The Boro sending a rep to monitor the roll call.


There was always one(same person) that would have to relive themselves right after roll call.

DSNY Olympics Events


Weight lifting: Body Bags.

Marathon: Some of the routes.

Sprint: The first to finish the route.

Swimming: Working in the rain.

Greco Wrestling: Sanitation Worker vs Supervisor.

Javelin: Throwing the broom or shovel.

Skiing: Blizzards

In Loving Memory

Louis Mammolito

Louis Mammolito Retired Sanitation Worker Manhattan 2

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