Routes DSNY Family Weekly V30

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Have to love them routes 🙂

Yeah, have to love some these routes, just makes you wonder who made them up. Well guess what you did or at least some of you did. There’s never an easy answer but it does take some work getting the routes in an order that won’t get you killed and completed at the end of the day.

Some of the routes are made up in a way that you at first glance look at it and start scratching your head and the first thing that comes to your mind is “long day” or “they’re crazy”. How did DSNY come to the conclusion that these routes are doable? Well its been a while but lets see if I can put a little light on this.

There’s a lot that go into these routes.

OAU: They go and count and drive and recommend the routes.

Contracts: Yeah if the contract calls for it, it will get done or get penalize.

LM: Labor and Management get together break bread and discuss routes.

Sanitation Workers: They work the route with speed, shortcuts and sometimes not taking their breaks.

Tangibles: Weather, Traffic, Construction, Weight of Route, Holidays.

As a Sanitation Worker I didn’t work on the truck that much until the routes got so long that no one wanted them, imagine no one wanted to make extra money. I got stuck(STUCK) one winter on the truck and doing a 3 week stretch doing a truck and half, approximately 16-17 tons a route until I said enough, I was on it because my partner wanted the routes and he wanted me with him, well the 4th week I got a new partner.

It wasn’t the weight, it was the walking and the running we were doing to finish those routes, I couldn’t keep up that pace and I still had some years left so survival took over. Good move because I made it through to the promise land(retirement) in one piece.TG

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