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There are more than a million stories in NYC and DSNY has it share in those millions, unfortunately I can’t post the good ones here, it’s called self incrimination 🙂
For whatever reasons these stories stick out in my mind as being a little strange and/or funny. Had to share 🙂

  1. New Sanitation Worker on relays:  “Do I have to have tools on the truck”(on relays) :/
  2. I hadn’t shaved in a week and was looking dishevel, surprise inspection of facilities is done (BOS and new Chief), I saw the Chiefs face and saw that he took a look at my face, yep I’m going to get it. Next day teletype of appearance comes out. What are the chances that Chief coming around the next day? Well, needless to say I shaved that day and  who comes in, yep, too easy 🙂
  3. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you know that black raincoat Supervisors have, well they’re for ceremonies only. I always had used in the winter because its the warmest thing I had and believe you me its warm and should be used(what a waste). Well when Super advised me of this I put the coat on(the only thing on) yep naked underneath and reported to him and mooned him 🙂 Thank God he has a sense of humor, one of the best I worked under 🙂
  4. Believe it or Not #1
  5. Believe it or Not #2
  6. On a summer day in August while doing a street clean up, Chief orders me to give a few of the buildings a summons for matted material on this certain block which  I proceed to do, lady comes out and sees that I placed my summons book on the stoop, she sees me and tells me that she ought to take the book and get rid of it. I tell her that if she does this she is going to get arrested and her husband isn’t going to be happy that he has to bail her out. She left without my book. Fast forward to October of same year, it so happens that I am in the garage for lunch and pick up the phone and low and behold, who is on the phone(I know that voice), the caller states that the garbage hasn’t been picked up yet and its windy and doesn’t want to get a summons with everything blowing around the place, I tried to reassured her she will not get one(summon), she then states that some of the Supervisors are not nice and that she had a incident with a Supervisor Rivera and he was nasty, holding my laughter in I told her that I know Supervisor Rivera and if he gave you a summons you probably deserve it. She states that we all(Supervisors) stick together and hangs up on me (lmao) 🙂
  7. GUs (can’t work with them and can’t work without them) sometimes they do things that have to be done without someone telling them, well our high-low is in the shop and working without one could make for things not getting done or doing things a little bit harder. Well, GUs decide that they don’t have anything important to do that day so they go out to CRS to pickup our high-low, one problem,  How to get it back? , well we could always drive it over the bridge through the LIE and BQE they reasoned, sure enough they take it over the bridge through the LIE and BQE to get it back :/
  8. Remembering one night with Joe on the 12-8 and felt eerie feeling someone was watching me and Joe was in a cubby hole that was between our garage and the garage next to us, 0300hours, quiet night and I saw his face thru my squinting eyes to see if what I was looking at was someone there and I saw his face, Scared me to death! Funny now but not that day 🙁
  9. First month of being a Supervisor I was told by the Super “Not to get rid of my Sanitation Workers uniforms” :/ I didn’t get rid of them until probation was over 🙂
  10. And finally the time I went out of town and I busted my behind that day and I was signing out at 1345 when I came in at 0450 and started working right there and didn’t stop until 1345 and the Super said its too early to signout, and as he moved his head away I was out, I wish I could have seen his face 🙂

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