Seniority is Everything Money Edition

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Seniority has its privileges most of the time, better to have than not have.  When it comes to money there is no better friend, but that’s not the only scenario where it comes in handy. Shift preference and vacation picks are other benefits of seniority.

How is it used is standard across the board as far as DSNY is concerned. First thing to consider is Date of Appointment, then comes List number, for the most part this is all that is needed, but there are some other things to consider when your dealing with district functions.

Now mind you I haven’t been active in awhile and things do change and my memory is not quite what it use to be so I could be wrong on some district/union/department rules. This one has always been confusing to me and I welcome feedback on this one. .

District rules are determined on your district assignment(Driver, Section Person or Out of Towner), it behooves you to know these rules as they do have a bearing on your assignment for the day, when it comes to making money and where you are working(your section, another section, going out of town during shift or some misc. assignment(cleaning for example). Note: Seniority does not pick route or partner for the day, but most of the times Supervisor honors the request.

Where Your Seniority Don’t Count!

One of the most used rules you are going to hear a lot is “Your seniority don’t count for detail.” Now this is a tricky one and one I could never get a handle on, this one falls under “What time of the day it is” and “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” type of situation. See your shop steward!

Question: Could a person decline his/her seniority to get off a money detailed. My short answer is yes, because I’ve seen it. My logical answer would be its on the discretion of the Supervisor to honor that request because its a detail and the Sanitation Worker is not entitle to choice of detail. Once the Sanitation Worker waves his/her seniority and the Supervisor honors the request he/she falls under the mercy of the Supervisor and gets assigned as the Supervisor sees fit to meet his/her goals for the shift.

Seniority at night.

There are two basic scenarios in a night shift.

  • If money is involve seniority rules!
  • No money involved assignments are determined by Supervisor.

Note: There are no Section Assignments on a night shift, just District.

PAP Mobile and Shrank

PAP Mobile

Basically if your name is called you are pulled off your detail, if you are assigned a route after supplying a urine sample you will get paid either for the amount of time you were on that route or if you finish route you will get paid for the day on that route, unless it was a route other than a full route(half route).


Shrank is when you are pulled off a money detail and assigned a detail that requires special qualification, for example: Front End Loader or Mechanical Sweeper, and you were entitle to make money due to your seniority.

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