September 2014

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Let me take this moment to welcome all new Sanitation Workers to DSNY,

With that said, please take this job seriously and don’t forget the goal is to retire and enjoy your life and family, and at the same time enjoying the journey with them.

It’s going to take a village to get you thru the next 22+ years, don’t worry you will have plenty of help starting in the garage with your Shop Steward, Super’s Clerk, Supervisors and Peers.

Keep in mind your number one source of support will be your family, you will need them, always make time for them, but there will be times where DSNY comes first unfortunately, its a job. That job will feed your family for the next 22+ years. With good planning you will eliminate some instances where the job will conflict with your family life, just don’t panic and remember its not personal(most of the times), at the end of the day you will have the welfare of your family in your hand.

Very Important! They will terminate you if they see you are a problem, stay alert, always think safety and stay out of trouble!

There are plenty of social sites that will keep you grounded and informed so please check them out.

Retired DSNY and Friends still at DSNY       !@#$%^&* Garbagemen Say(DSNY Memes)

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