September’s Top Stories “Trees, Cuts and the Ladies”

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Interesting month, school started in most of the country, and with most of us coming off vacations, we came back to our jobs being threaten and in the air rumors abounded of whats being placed on the table, just remember our job is dangerous and important, POINTO-PERIOD, you have a job,  just do it, WORK SAFE, we have enough to worry about, we don’t need any more distractions heading into night plow. 


WOW! Micro Blast Hits! I have never seen so much destruction,  I’m going to let this picture do the talking. Almost every block got hit in Rego Park and Forest Hills.


The Ladies started and finished a nice campaign to get people to know us.



Robin Nagle

The Professor

“One of the side effects of doing the job well is that it creates its own invisibility.” Robin Nagle


Lisa and Liz

The Ladies

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