Sick Computer

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youtubeI woke up on Sunday and received a YouTube video from who I thought was from someone I knew, I wanted to call him all week because his wife just gave birth to a baby girl, after 3 boys, so when I saw the video coming from him I thought wow he’s sending me a video of his daughter. BIG MISTAKE!!! So I opened the file after Macfee gave me the warning that it might be a problem with the file, but since I thought it came from my friend I opened it and it started opening my internet explorer browser to sites I was not opening, and it got into my Facebook friend list and started sending the video to everybody on that list. I call my friend and he told me he did not send the file, well that’s when I knew I had a problem, so I turned the computer off, until I could clean everything up. Before I did anything I downloaded all pictures onto a flash drive(don’t forget to put flash drive thru a anti-virus software scan before installing the pictures anywhere). It took a total wipe out and reloading original configuration of the hard drive, and reinstalling virus software that I had and didn’t listen to. Well, finally, computer given a clean bill of health from Facebook and McAfee. Believe it or not it is sometimes a good thing,to go thru this process of cleaning out your computer, for instance when you have so much junk in the computer that you don’t remember what things are for anymore or the computer is acting all screwy.Update: It appears that they are still trying to get into peoples computer thru video but this time in some other format(not “YouTube”), this time.


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