Sleep and Night Plow

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You want to make it thru Night Plow nice and safe, one way to help you acclomplish this “Get plenty of sleep”.

This will keep your stress level down and keep you alert through those long nights/days once on Night Plow.

Stress Management

Sleep tips: Somethings that might help (from experience).

  • Close those shades if you are trying to sleep during the day.
  • Turn off TV.
  • Stay off the coffee when you get home.
  • Eat light before you try to sleep.
  • A nice quite room, if you can find one.
  • I just found out about a herbal supplement  called Melatonin.


I don’t use unless I know I have to go to sleep, apparently its naturally made in your body, I would speak to a doctor first and of cause do not use during driving, taking care of someone or on the job.

The Most Important Part of Your Day!

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