Snow Laborer DSNY Family Weekly V4

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DSNY Family Weather

You came close Jonas, but no cigar. You were a good one and from what I saw and heard the boys/girls did a great job, but what would I know I’m bias.

Honestly, 5 days after the storm stopped its havoc on NYC, look what is happening people!

DSNY is picking up garbage, 99% of streets plowed and no deaths on the road during the storm. As much as I hate to hear anybody die from these storms, who could argue with these numbers.

With a little luck, salt and some sun we could be laughing about this by Monday, SMH 🙂

Be safe out there!

Early Snow Labors

Unemployed men shoveling New York’s snow

DSNY Family Auto

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DSNY Family Health

The CDC travel warning covers countries where Zika transmission is ongoing. Officials believe it’s likely to spread to the U.S.

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