Oh boy this should be fun :/

I will try to explain on how you can avoid a summons from my brothers and sisters in blue and green.
I would have to assume everybody is perfect and that you have every intention on not getting a summons or at the least receiving fewer.

Keep in mind I wrote a lot of summons over 17 years but not as much as was probably expected (no where near what they expected).

The summons is just one of the weapons DSNY has to keep the city clean, its a tool, with a little work in your part you will be helping in keeping city clean and keep a few dollars more in your pocket this year.

You have to think like there is a small army out there assigned just for this mission, looking for violations of codes, and right there should tell you what you up against. There are days that you will encounter that army, if you’re unlucky to have them in your neighborhood, watch out.

I strongly recommend you reading the code of digest book and get familiar with what is expected of you the property owner, if you are not staying in your property, you should train your employees or tenants with what is expected, because most summons go to the owner of the property.

Keep your cool!

Please be courteous as these men and women are just doing there jobs, you wouldn’t want anybody going to your job and telling you off, would you? Well same holds true to these people. If you feel like asking them questions of the summon and the process of the summons, depending on the agent or officer, they will answer your questions.

Do not argue with them because once the summons is issue, its out of their hands. And if you decide that you want to argue and tell them off, remember you risk another summons for interfering with said agent/officer duties and that should make you more angry and accomplish nothing. If you really go overboard you will get arrested.

That small army is now equipped with the electronic ticketing system, they are assigned by the Superintendent of that particular area, depending on the district, they will be given orders depending on what problems or issues that district or section is having, sometimes these issues are Community Board driven some of them are neighbors issues so please be aware that they are not being sent to your neighborhood for some diabolical reason.

With a little work you will be summons free 🙂

What does that summons mean?
short summons

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