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Who in the hell likes working Sundays, I didn’t!

In most cases this was the only day in the week where the whole family would get together and you can’t get those moments back especially if you have young children. But wait a minute, we could always use some help in paying bills and could use the money that working Sundays gets us. I know it’s hard to turn down those double pay days, but sometimes you have to, don’t fret they’re more down the pipe.

Sundays are usually an easy day, Except on night plow, just like anything else during night plow things change and you have to adjust.

Somethings to keep in mind on Sunday.

  • First thing is talk to who you relieve and your relief.
  • Bring a pen and paper, don’t assume there is one in the office and write down everything as you navigate the shift, take my word you ain’t going to remember everything 8 hours later when all you’re thinking about is getting out of there.
  • Make sure the vehicles you’re washing are there, believe you me this is important. Clean them and get that out the way.
  • Make sure your name is in that carting book, that is your proof that you were there and no problems will occur getting paid.
  • Look over that snow board, someone might call and ask questions about it and it might be important to decision making which might affect peoples money or operational decisions.
  • Make sure you have keys to all equipment. You might have to move something in case of emergency.
  • Last but not lease CYA, get names and phone number if possible and write down who gave you orders or information when someone calls. Hint: Use that Telephone Order book.

Other things to bring to make the shift go a little easier.

  • Enough to eat and drink.
  • Phone charger.
  • Something to read.
  • Your set of keys to vehicles.
  • Any medicine you might need.

PS: Keep track of your Sunday and Emergency list so you don’t get passed over or you don’t get called up by surprise!

In Loving Memory


Wilbert Mercardo Retired Sanitation Worker Manhattan 3

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