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Can’t live with them – Can’t live without them

I always saw Supers like coaches and always believed to protect them at all cost, well almost there are limits to dedication to another person. I very rarely spoke with a Super until becoming a Supervisor, not that I didn’t want to, it just wasn’t necessary, there was always the Supers Clerk or the Shop Steward around to handle any problems. It wasn’t much different when I became a Supervisor a few years later.

But something happen on the way to work one day, what happened depends on who you speak with, it wasn’t a moment but a series of moments, I think it was the changing of the guard that started the ball rolling. The micro managing started to creep its ugly head and it seem like it didn’t stop, in a matter of fact it got worst and the Supers aura of leadership fell in some of the Supervisors eye and it looked like they were just like the Supervisors(just trying to stay out of trouble) and what once was a war cry to do the job became a rehearsed response which went like this “let me call the Boro” or “be guided by the Boro”

To make it worst this scenario would made it look like the Super couldn’t handle the job, this became a vicious cycle which until my retirement was still going on. Now mind you this was my observation, but who am I to speak, I too got to that point where I just couldn’t do the job.

And with that change came the Supervisors lessening of morale and the lack of respect for the Super, which I can honestly say I lost. For example, at one time if you were to have a problem or a complaint that was affecting you, you can speak to the Super, well the last few years it was complaint after complaint and at no time was I asked by the Super what was going on, well you don’t have to hit me over the head with a brick, time to go.

Lead, Follow or get the hell out the way!

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