Supervisors going out town :(

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I hate going out of town even if it is for hours, sometimes its just not worth the four hours you get. The last time I went out of town for hours, it became one of those days. I got there an hour (0450hrs) before the shift, Supervisors that go out of town and never been to that location knows that if he/she gets there on time, they will have a long day and will have problems(Murphy’s Law), especially now that we are given more equipment, manpower and area to look after.

This following is the day I had.

0450-Sign in

Go over board and 350s with the 12-8 garage officer(which also was out of town), which he did help out but did not have all the answers.

The 12-8 field officer came in and gave me a better clue to what was going on, and gave me an idea of what was in store for me today(it wasn’t good).

The Super came in and gave me the final look of what my day was going to be(he too was out of town), yep, I can see a long day.

I found out I was the only officer that day, yep, I am the only line of defense and will be counted on all day, YEP LONG DAY AHEAD.

This was my setup for the day.

  • 2 Sections
  • 4 EZ-PACKS
  • 3 Brooms
  • 4 Recycling trucks – 2 paper / 2 metal (1 in each section)
  • 4 Collection trucks – 2 in each section, one of them was going on MLP after lunch
  • 2 MLP truck – 1 all day

Now you would think 16 pieces of equipment would be enough, NOPE, I was told to give summons, 2 sick checks, and 2 action centers. Keep in mind that I don’t have a clue where anything is, no help and a Super that said in the AM that he thinks I should have a basket truck.

Well, 9 hours later

  • 3 brooms checked and signed,
  • one summons,
  • 2 sick checks,
  • 350s signed and
  • 2 action centers answered

The day was over, or I thought, when signing out at 1345hrs, I was told that I have to wait to 1400hrs to sign out, I would find this a hard place to work for everyday, but I have seen worse .

Either way, these are the exceptions and for the most part we are staying in zones, but I have a funny feeling its going to get ugly when we have to go out of town and you’re the only defense in a out town district, with a storm on top of your behind, not good, prepare for the worst and hope for the best when going out of town boys and girls.

Keep in mind, you must embrace these computers for you to be able to have some control of all this equipment and that computer could become your best friend, the sooner the better.

Work Smart Work Safe