Supervisors take a shellacking:(

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With these decisions come anxiety and heartache to everybody involved, We have gone from a paramilitary unit to a corporate entity overnight, that has always been the case in times of need. In the private world things like this go on all the time, a climatic change happens every time the business is losing money, and that is what the city and this country is going thru right now.

The work load has been called almost doubling what we do, I don’t think so, it has gone from manageable(8crews) to almost impossible to manage(12crews) and crossing section borders(that’s a lot of space), you might be able to keep control for one day and maybe two, but sooner or later you will have that day where you will not be able to have control of your tasks,assignment and crews, and some one will be right there to throw dirt on us, and that is when we should let them know, if they don’t know by now, that the plan is not going to work, like I said before, a new game plan is needed. We have to adapt and be part of the solution to be effective supervisors.

I have never heard of anything like I have this last month, Supervisors getting demoted and not having their seniority honored, SENIORITY IS EVERYTHING, right now some of the demoted Officers will have a new hire date making the 100 or so new Sanitation Workers not on the job yet, senior to some of these Officers, which some have been on the job since 2004, has anybody seen something like this. This smells like a not well thought out plan, and should be scrapped, or at worst change the rules, sometimes things are just not right, and I believe this is one of those time.

On top of that the list should be open for a little longer like the sanitation workers were and give preference to the demoted officers first if any promotions are held, if the list is not extended for a certain amount of time. This demotion isn’t fair, but to lighten the hurt all possible steps should be taken to get them back on as soon as possible.

“This is really a win-win for everyone,” said Goldsmith. “We don’t have to lay off any workers. We hope it will be an ongoing example in other city agencies.”

Except for the Supervisors getting demoted without their seniority 🙁


  1. This Superintendent’s Union…Ooopss did I say that out loud!!!! That’s right the Superintendent’s run this union. No wonder Supv’s getting slapped all over the place and all they say is take notes on your 332 or they can do that. They won’t say what you really need to do which is tape record their ass when they give those BS orders. Write what they order you to do in the Telephone Order Book, fill that book up with their own BS orders. Keep a file of all those memo’s or email orders they give which we all know contradict themselves since there’s an order for every damn move you make except for WHEN TO TAKE LUNCH!!!!

    Everytime they call you on the cellphone and ask you to do something,write it down on the 332, the time and what they ask you to do. Also don’t forget to tell them and don’t be afraid as one Chief told and I quote, “If you feel you are being