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  1. Floyd Bennett Field – New York Harbor Parks

    Once an important NYC airport, Floyd Bennett Field is now dedicated to the celebration of aviation history, sports, and the great outdoors. Nature programs 

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    50 Aviation Rd  New York, NY 11234
    (718) 338-3799
  2. Floyd Bennett Field – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Floyd Bennett Field was New York City’s first municipal airport, later a naval air station, and is now a park. While no longer used as an operational commercial, 

    History – ‎Runways – ‎Timeline – ‎Other uses
  3. Floyd Bennett Field – Gateway National Recreation Area

    Floyd Bennett Field was opened as New York City’s first municipal airport on May 23, 1931. Throughout the 1930’s, it was the site of many important first and 

  4. Floyd Bennett Field Historic District–Aviation: From Sand Dunes to

    Floyd Bennett Field, on Barren Island, Jamaica Bay, was the first municipal airport in New York City. Constructed between 1928 and 1931 by the City 

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