Taking the NYC Sanitation Worker Exam?

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Well, you are just one in 100 thousand, yep, 100,000. But don’t worry you are going to make that list. The exam is usually a common sense exam, just like the job. Not too many people fail, the trick is to do your best and let the chips fall where they may.

There are some things you can do to improve your chances like any other exams you might have taken over your lifetime. The disadvantage one is the one that have never taken an exam or they took one years ago, so I will go over some things that might improve your chances. First thing to remember is you are not the only one doing this prep so you will be up against hundreds if not thousands prepping like its the end of the world, and for some it might be (literally).

Some of the things you can do when you are taking exams:

Get plenty of rest going into the last few days before exam.

Go to bed early night before.

Gather all your things night before (exam papers,keys,id,money,phone,medicine and a calculator (if they let you) and anything you might need to hold you for the day.

Plan your route and options on how to get to exam site and give yourself enough time to arrive a little early.

Eat a good breakfast before (not to small or too big), you don’t want a stomach ache or be starving when taking the exam because you wont be able to concentrate on the job at hand.

Drink an energy drink if you like them before exam, I like the 5 hour ones.

Clear your mind of any distractions (easier said than done sometimes) but try.

What else is there to improve your chances?

If you have a chance to get 5 points for being a veteran or something similar, take it.

Well some will say take classes or read some books. Me I didn’t take classes to get on but I wasn’t on the top of the list either. I got lucky that recycling was introduced and they went high on that list ( I think 11,000+) I could be wrong, I was #9104 (I never did hit that number, played it for years) it came out a few times over the years, not enough for me to hit it 🙁

As far as classes, in the department there are promotional classes from the fraternal organizations, so they believe in prepping, and I took classes with the Latino Assoc. and I passed that exam after taking 3 times before, I think it got me in the right frame of mind for the exam, who knows, for me it helped.

Well I’m going to give you the same answer I would give my son. If you can afford it and its your first time taking these types of exam, go for it. If you feel you can do it without it, go for it.

What to expect? One could only guess, I would imagine that they want someone with a little computer literacy, knowledge of simple math (some cubic stuff), know the driving manual (alcohol/substance especially) and a whole lot of common sense questions thrown in. Nobody really knows! Good Luck!

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