Teamwork or Mutiny DSNY Family Weekly V42

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Teamwork, Mutiny or just Common Sense?

[tds-dropcap blue]One[/tds-dropcap] November night on the 4-12 shift approximately 7 pm the call comes in,  get ready for possible 8-10 inches of snow, Plan “C” is being call for.

One GU which is cleaning the PM, 4 trucks in the field, 12-8 is loaded with a fall complement of people for the upcoming storm and no where near where we should be on the plan to be ready on time for what’s coming.

2 Scenarios

  • Routes clean and send them to dump and risk(good probability) that we won’t be ready for storm and begin plowing a chaotic scene and risk a disaster in the street to begin the 12-8.
  • Don’t dump and have everybody start plowing and fueling everything up.

9pm: Field, Garage Supervisor and all Collection Crews meet and decide to go with Scenario #2, but to do this we must report that we are not clean and would need the rest of the shift to clean routes.
Why the false reporting? Because, everybody knows that we might be told to dump and then called on to help fix the problem created and we all agreed after completing a long 8 hours already none of us is going to be happy and energized to give 100% and get stuck in the mess that’s going to be out there on our way home.

10pm: It starts snowing and it really starts coming down, the order comes down from the Boro, with panic in his voice, cut the collection crews back to garage and start plowing everything.

Yes Sir!!

11pm: Everything plowed and fueled and ready for the 12-8.

Next day:  We are given pats on the back and told “Good Job” and was told that one garage was scolded for not being ready and that the  radio was going off on them all night.

Teamwork, Mutiny or just Common Sense?

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