Thanksgiving DSNY Family Weekly V46

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Who doesn’t like a good potluck? At one time this event was used to grow camaraderie among the men/women and everybody else and getting in the holiday spirit, not so much now, everybody is too worry about giving out productive assignments because big brother(GPS) is watching your every move.

It seems everything is about CYA and micro management, which I see as stymieing creativity and creating a us vs them atmosphere, I don’t envy the guys/girls these days.

Well if you are one of the lucky groups to hold this event, bravo and wishing you good tidings to all of you.

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving

My Favorites for Thanksgiving

  • Pastelles
  • Lasagna
  • Kielbasa
  • Turkey
  • Sweet Potatoes with Marshmellow
  • Pernil
  • Collard Greens

Best time to call in sick.

6:38 on Tuesday

Best excuse.

Stomach problems

Study Reveals The Best Time Of Week To Call In Sick And The Best Excuse


Its that time of year people, start your planning now, if you’re lucky enough you have a 2017 ds801 or at least a draft that is roaming around to help you out.

Some hints on picking vacation weeks.

  • Keep in mind that your chart might(most likely) change when night plow is over.
  • Holiday weeks are good if you can get it.
  • Don’t count on getting Saturdays off to go on vacation unless you’re off.

Safety First Safety Always

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