Street Sweeper

The Beginnings

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Sam doing collection
Sam doing collection

A nice spring day 1990, First day on collection, even thought it was my Second day working in the street(first day on the bulk truck), first line, Main Street From Union Turnpike to Jewel Ave, at the end of the line we stop for coffee, a lady asked something about the job, we told her it was our second day on the job, we don’t know nothing about this job, Pete crosses street to go to 7-11 to get coffee.

FIAT pulls up, I don’t remember him and I never saw him again. After he identified himself, he asks me “What are we doing taking an unauthorized break?”, I tell him getting coffee, well Pete appears and there right after I told Fiat of the coffee, Pete seeing that someone of authority was by the truck, was on the alert.

After asking Pete the same question, Pete answer began with the lady asking a question, Oh well, you can see the guy getting mad at Pete for trying to get out of trouble, none the less the guy was happy that I told him the truth and he did not write us up on our second day in the field, as I was later told by my Super of the Fiat Officer’s decision. Day 2 in the books without anymore problems.

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