DSNY and Social Media

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Welcome to the World of Social Media

Lets start with the obvious, for the most part we are going to be working in neighborhoods we live in, grew up in or probably have some emotional connection to, if not we will work in areas where money(seniority) is a factor.

We come in with what family and society has taught us. With social tensions up right now its best you rethink placing political stuff on your social network. It seems DSNY policy is to not use them to cite your thoughts or views and you’re good to go. In other words you are not the voice of the department.

Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t put anything on social(political), just because all it has to do is get to someone that find it opposite of their views, their displeasure will be convey to you or maybe not, there goes your career before it starts.

My View

If you just don’t care, because those frustration with society get you to the point where its best to announce it, go for it, but be aware of the consequences. You never know, someone in power might like your views.

Either way just be aware that if you are going to attempt to move up the ranks, you might have to answer for those views on social on that promotional ladder, why put yourself in that position when all you’re looking to do is make a life for yourself and your family.

Bottom line no matter if you are planning on taking the next exam to get this job or planning to move up the ranks beware of this social world we are living in.

The following is some views that have caused suspension or firing of civil servants:

Brooklyn court officer suspended after posting meme depicting Obama lynching

George Floyd protests: NYC corrections officer suspended after posting photo of himself as Derek Chauvin

FedEx employee fired, NJ corrections officer suspended in link to video mocking George Floyd death



Keep in mind, probationary employees will not have the protection like a employee that is not on probation.
Public Employees, Private Speech: 1st Amendment doesn’t always protect government workers