The Great Exodus

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Welcome to all the new Sanitation Workers, may you have a long, safe and prosperous career!

Thanks to all the DSNY members that retired within the last year, you will be missed, enjoy the fruits of your labor, you have earned it.

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  1. On average how many retire every month? 20-25?
    Is there a certain time of the year where they retire
    at a higher rate? thanks

    1. Author

      Thats my quess, as far as when do most retire, i would imagine only nycers knows, but i think most retire between May and December, but recently it’s not a day goes by ,that I don’t here someone is leaving or planning to.

  2. I see, and I believe they can come back within 1 yr if they change their mind(un retire)
    is that true or just another rumor floating around, lol.

    1. Author

      I don’t exactly know if that is an option for most of these retirees, I do believe the Commissioner has the right to refuse such movements(requests), I could be wrong.

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