The Great Exodus

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Welcome to all the new Sanitation Workers, may you have a long, safe and prosperous career!

Thanks to all the DSNY members that retired within the last year, you will be missed, enjoy the fruits of your labor, you have earned it.


  1. A

    On average how many retire every month? 20-25?
    Is there a certain time of the year where they retire
    at a higher rate? thanks

    1. Author

      Thats my quess, as far as when do most retire, i would imagine only nycers knows, but i think most retire between May and December, but recently it’s not a day goes by ,that I don’t here someone is leaving or planning to.

  2. A

    I see, and I believe they can come back within 1 yr if they change their mind(un retire)
    is that true or just another rumor floating around, lol.

    1. Author

      I don’t exactly know if that is an option for most of these retirees, I do believe the Commissioner has the right to refuse such movements(requests), I could be wrong.

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