The List

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I just spent a week on the 8pm to 8am shift this winter and found the shift very busy and that’s including the day I didn’t have nobody except the 2 GU”s,  1 Spreader and 1 Officer in the field, everybody to Q1 that night, and I still was busy all night, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t kill myself but I was doing something all night that night.

The list

  1. Sign in
  2. Go over what’s going on with operation with Mike
  3. Read Teletypes, Telephone Order book, Facility Condition log, and Shift to Shift book
  4. Check Building
  5. Down bookCheck Fuel book, checks and radios
  6. Get reading from pump
  7. 10 Variance updated
  8. Check Building
  9. Go over Orders and work with GUs and Mechanic. Help get everybody out on their assignments, out of the building!!!
  10. Carting book
  11. Start getting allocations and reports ready for Borough(Plow repairs, snow equipment updated)
  12. If no more relays, 91 and 32s for AM
  13. Separate Dump Receipts
  14. Clean Building/Office
  15. Lunch, had to do early because everything is going to close and you going to end up not eating or eating something that is not considered a good meal, you’re going to need the energy for the rest of  the night, believe you me you’re going to need it.
  16. 11PM Red line Sick Log
  17. Check pump and get reading
  18. Close out Fuel book
  19. 12AM Red line Blotter, Passenger log, Radio log
  20. Re-Group for the next 8 hours
  21. Copy and Save Fuel Memo(fill in now to save time and stress later)
  22. 91 and 32 if not done yet
  23. Open Pumps and get reading
  24. 1am Check building
  25. Set up for AM (equipment), out of town tickets for board and equipment needed
  26. Check 02 Equipment
  27. Put AM 57s out
  28. 4:30 to 5am Close out (50) Equipment
  29. After 5am Send Fuel Memo
  30. No starts, Dump Eligible, Action Center Complaints and  Close out (50)Sections and (80)Recycling
  31. Give Joe verbal report and reports
  32. 7am Roll Call
  33. Close out Fuel book and get readings
  34. Go over any problems and Special Orders with Mike
  35. Sign Out

While all this is getting done, the phones are ringing, Other Agencies and Privates coming in and going, orders are changing and a little nonsense rears its ugly head through out the night. Payrolls was done by me the first night until I was told not to(No complaints from me), I don’t really think I would had a hard time doing it but it sure would of not help my night, chances for something not getting done was greater with having to do payrolls, it was a good call having it done during the day, they have better information and are more up to date with what its going on. Overall Long Nights, was very happy to get off that shift.

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