The New/Old Q1

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Queens West 1
Queens West 1

It’s been years since working in Q1, at least 15 years, I have avoided it like a plague, but to my surprise, my first time working at Q1 as an officer, I had one very nice day there going out of town, the entire garage was cordial, and not one person had a bad word of the district, which to me I found weird, because there’s always one, that has a bad word for the place that gives him or her a way to pay the rent, even in other jobs, not just DSNY.

After spending a good 7 hours there, and coming in to take care of the 350’s and speaking with some of the guys there, I realized of couple of things. One, Frank Justice had an impact on this garage and two, Supt. Doak has put some calming effect on this garage, because when I came here some 15 years ago, you could cut the tension around here, but then again I was mostly coming here at night and that was a big pain,*(inside joke) if you know what I mean. Hopefully *Mr. Payne is OK, and if anybody sees him, say “hello”. I spoke to some of the old timers, and they said I was wrong, the garage is and has always been a nice garage to work in, so I have wasted 15 years, I have another place to go out of town. TYQ1


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