They Forgot My Garbage

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You have to call 311 or visit their site Home NYC311.

When you see electronic(s) not working, the first thing you do is to make sure its plugged in if you are checking to see if it works.

Me 🙂

What happen?

Question – What time did you put out your waste? Was you too late or was DSNY too fast?

The Day starts at 12midnight and ends at 11:59pm in DSNY world, broken up into 3 shifts(not equally), if for what ever reason like (winter weather coverage 24/7) they want to put a collection truck out for a route, Yep! they can do that.

That is why you must place your waste between 4pm -12midnight day before your schedule service day, just in case they send a collection crew out there after midnight, Surprise. This very rarely happens without notice, but I’m sure this could happen especially from November to April every year.

They start at 6am for the most part of the year, during 2020 they mostly started at 5am due to Covid-19, so they can change hours according to conditions. Bottom line is put out your waste before midnight day before service day or get up early and do not hit the snooze button they also might have passed by after 12am and before you got up to place your waste out, take a look around the neighborhood and that should give you a hint that you waited to long.

First thing you as a citizen should try to be aware of is NYC Department of Sanitation hours, schedules and rules.

They are a 24/7 NYC Agency, that doesn’t mean that everybody is working 24/7.

Supervisor gets there and the entire block is serviced except your stop. Tag you’re it.

What could of happened?

These are possible reasons.

  • You put out late.
  • Waste was hidden that Sanitation Worker(SW) couldn’t see it(too dark, bushes hiding them or any other object that can hide the stop from the SW view(especially at night).
  • Waste was not put out properly, for example(waste mixed in with recyclables or construction material put out).
  • Was left out intentionally until Supervisor okays the stop to be picked up, when Supervisor investigates he would determent how to dispose, if summons is warranted it will be issued.
  • Stop is not Safe to pickup.
  • The stop is Not a miss collection because they have till 11:59pm of your service day.
  • After 12midnight it is a missed collection stop.

What’s next?

Why was it not picked up?

Q – Do you really need someone to pick up your waste or could it wait to next pickup?

AYes – call 311 write complaint number for reference or use their 311 site. or No – You must bring in from the curb until the next schedule pick up or risk a summons for placing out your waste on the wrong day. Yep! They can do that.

DSNY has many ways to contact online Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn, visit them and you might get an answer to your question(s).

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