To Be or Not to Be DSNY Family Weekly V44

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To be or not to be – that is the question!

Let me first start off by thanking everybody for their support and hopefully I have helped at least one person out there. With all the sites out there everybody should be finding answers to questions a little bit easier. I would like to think that I’m doing my part with the little bit of skills I have.

What is on my mind? Interviewing myself…

Q: Is this site going to go on and on forever?

A: Right now the ending of this site is schedule to end on April 16, 2020 or sooner.

Q: What’s on the pipeline?

A: Right now working on Promotional Course and DSNY Family Oldtimers Day.

Q: What can members do on this site.

A: A lot but mainly I have tried to gear it to where members could safely set up groups and be secure among those groups(group moderators needed and only moderators allow members, must be DSNY active or retired).

November Events

Sunday 6
Daylight Savings

Tuesday 8
Election Day

Monday 14
Night Plow begins

Friday 11
Veterans Day

Saturday 19
African American Society Dinner Dance

Thursday 24

Set your clock back one hour before going to bed tonite.

This month winners

Hours are a plenty with 3 holidays scheduled and the big winners are Officer 1 and Sanitation Worker 3,9,13,19 each getting 8 hours. Throw in a couple of 4 day mini vacations Officer 5 and 6 and Sanitation Worker 7,8,17,18 and we have some happy people around the garage. We also have a chance of working some charts, overall not a bad month for some.

This weekend!

Clean out and Check your Medicine Cabinet for medicine that expired and chuck it and restock for winter.

Put new batteries in your Carbon and/or Fire Detectors.

In Loving Memory


John L. Peluso Superintendent Brooklyn South

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