Top Ten Reasons I like to work for DSNY

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Sam doing collection
Sam doing collection
  1. Pay
  2. Pension
  3. Medical
  4. Vacation
  5. Chance for advancement
  6. Meeting People
  7. Working with different people
  8. Working different shifts
  9. Working in different work locations
  10. Working different details

Bottom line, you won’t become rich off this job, but you won’t starve.


  1. You ranked them in order right? What about getting to wear a green uniform? lol
    Thanks for posting what you heard recently about the city using snow plow numbers
    to figure out if we need hiring. It’s better to know something whether it be good or bad news then to be kept in the dark.

  2. I know,I know, I took a few other civil service exams as back ups but DSNY is my top choice. Somebody once said “do what you got to do meanwhile and when they call you come running.”

    I was on track to get called in from the MTA as a Bus Operator sometime this year until the funding was cut, budget deficit,service cuts,fare hikes coming up,etc. That is life for you,things can change so fast and it’s really hard to predict what is going to happen next.

    What district in Queens do you work out of if you don’t mind me asking,thanks GL.

  3. Cool, a very short commute to work for you. I know that QW2,3,4,5,6 garages are all near each other. I live on the Elmhurst/Queens border(QW4) so if I ever get on the job I would like to work in one of those garages, but if I am sent to the south bronx right after my 30 days of training at FBF so be it. I can always put in for a transfer when the time comes.

    I would think that the routes are short and heavy, a lot of apt buildings in Rego Park, but we all know how nice of a neighborhood Forest Hills is.

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