Welcome back to daylight – The Wish List

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Welcomeback to days PEOPLE, for all those concerned you know what that means, yep! Its time to get your wish list out. Its this time of the season where some are just trying to get there life back in order and the plans do change around DSNY due to the shift changes.

Manhattan 2

Manhattan 2

One thing to remember is that there are 59 districts and a whole bunch of splinter units that you can proberly find a spot or location that will fit your needs if you can get in there(easiler said than done sometimes).

For Sanitation workers it means talking to people and visiting locations to check their seniority.

For Supervisors and Supers it means going to Union Hall and checking the transfer book and board located there(last time I checked).

Note: Don’t forget if you have a transfer in, you might get your tranfer request accepted at the worst of times, it is your responsibilty to keep updated on this, that would make for a chance of really screwing you up if you changed your mind because things improved at current location.

Safety First – Safety Always – Stay Safe

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