Welcome to 2017

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Wishing everybody a great year 🙂 Live long and prosper 🙂

I’m looking forward to another year of using this contraption called a computer to practice and extend my little bit of skills and enhance the site where more could benefit from the information out there to make us all better informed of our careers and personal lives.

Sometimes ignorance is not bliss!

[tds-columns divider] [tds-column half animation=fadeInLeft] Site enhancements planned, ongoing or done already.

Trying to improve communication with members with DSNY Family Chat.

Working to improve group(s) functions.

Expanding and improving Unit pictures (mostly mongoed)

[/tds-column] [tds-column half last animation=fadeInRight] My wish list.

Working to hold a meet up in September of Old Timers and people getting out soon (15 years+) Saturday September 16, 2017 (tentative)

Hoping to have DSNY Family Shop operational all year.

Working on a promotional course to compliment the Fraternal Organizational classes.

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2016 Posts

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Best Month
September and February

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Avg Pages Viewed/day

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Getting the message out 🙂

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Just trying to help 🙂

I don’t have all the answers but they are people out there that do have the answer or an opinion that might help you out in making a decision. Make that connection and make your social environment count.

You could make this site work for you, if you have any ideas on how to improve this site, please feel free to make contact with me thru DSNY Family Chat/send email thru the contact page or if you are a member of DSNY Family you can use the systems messaging in your profile to send to me.

Somethings you can also try to help improve this site.

Try navigational on site and if you have problems with function(s), drop a line or post problem in Support forum.

If you are a member you can also create a blog, a group (must be associate with helping DSNY personal with their lives(no public religion or politics private forums or group OK) Thank You.

As a member you can also advertise your wares or skills, they are many ways of doing this so please contact me at this site for more information (free to DSNY personnel only active or retired).

Try to fill in your profile with as much information you wish your neighbor(s) could use to reach out to you if you have common interest(s).

In Loving Memory

Michael J. Gigante Retired Assistant Chief Bureau of Waste Disposal

Robert Ferrieri Retired Deputy Chief Manhattan Borough

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