What is 2018 going to bring?

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Happy New Year everybody and welcome to 2018, every year I make some goals that I try to accomplished as best as I could and this year is no different.

Last years goals were not met, with a little disappointment but things were learned with great relief I must say I saved the year. Some see the glass half empty I usually see it as half full, that’s me :/

First up for me is improving the group functions is on top of the list this year 🙂

Most pictures that are not posted with post galleries have been moved or being moved to groups for example: All bk1 pictures of garage or people are in bk1 group, so if you’re looking for a picture you can try using the search function on site to look for them but unless the search is exact you might have a problem finding what you want, you have a better chance joining a group to find those pictures. This will probably be an all year process getting the group functions together :/

Somethings you should be aware of groups on this site.

  • You must be a member of site. It’s like any other social site where you have to be a member to see what is being said or done.
  • Moderator is needed for each group, right now  I am Administrator/Moderator/Only member. If you’re interested in moderating a group, direct message or private message me.

In Loving Memory

Robert Burke Retired Supervisor Brooklyn North 2

Daniel O’Leary Former Vice President DSNY Emerald Society

Harry Andino Retired Sanitation Worker Queens East 14

Father Peter M. Colapietro Department Chaplain

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