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Where were you September 11, 2001?

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The world around me changed.

Twin Towers, New York

I was working the 8-4 shift at Q12 with Mike Crawford, day started nice, until S/W Green came down and told us the story of the first plane to hit, I ran upstairs to see the TV in the lunchroom and couldn’t believe what I was looking at, the second plane hit the other tower, yeah the world changed that moment.

Later, we gather in Chief Hunter’s office, when word came that the 3rd plane hit the Pentagon and the 4th had crash on route to the Capitol in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, brought down by the passengers fighting off the hijackers, before it could get to the hijackers destination. GBT

Thank God my wife was working at my daughter’s school for the elections that day, long ride home and long night looking at what seem like a movie on TV, unbelievable, the world had changed that day, it was not a good change, I don’t think anybody alive today could say, that event didn’t change their life. GB

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