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It’s been an interesting month with some bad press, I have a friend that asked the other day “What the hell is going on?” My answer was simple we are no different than any other group or family out there in the public.

It’s not like we were hand picked from some holier than thou pool of humans. We as civil servants are held to a higher standard than most but it has to be pointed out that we have the same problems as any other group.

We are Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Sons, Daughters.

We have bills to pay.

We have children to raise.

We get sick and have medical needs.

We pay taxes.

We make mistakes.

Sunday 13 Daylights Savings

Caribbean Cruise 2017

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Past And Present Employees Of The City Of New York Dept. Of Sanitation

Death in the Family

Eric Dell Italia

Eric Dell Italia Sanitation Worker Brooklyn North 17

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