Bill McCabe

William “Superman” McCabe

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From what I have read, Mr. William Joseph McCabe was not a big man in physique. He was not only in shape but became a Sanitation Worker in roaring style after taking the test in 1940, by performing the then called “The Superman Test” to a perfect 100 score, which was unheard of at this time, from all accounts he might be the only one to have achieved this feat.

Born in the Bronx on March 31, 1920, he was the youngest of four children of William and Nora McCabe. His father was a construction worker. This man stood busy playing baseball, tennis, golf and racquetball until he was 82.

“Amazing, I wish I could do half as well.”


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  1. Wow,amazing. I work out with 45 lb dumbells max, but 80 lbs in each hand,whew. The person who comes to mind who might be like him is Jack LaLanne who will be 96 in Sept and is still strong and fit. Are they kidding when they said that today’s physical is “strenuous”? Everybody passes it,they should make it at least a little bit longer and more of a challenge. The lists would move faster this way. It ‘s not like they are going to go through everybody on the list which are among the biggest out of any civil service lists.

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