Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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I had to go to go to 17th St and 2nd Ave. in Manhattan, so I decided to take the “L” train on Bedford Ave, since I was there, I decided to pass by BKN01 old location, which was located on North 12 and Kent Ave., the first thing I noticed was Kent Aves’ new traffic flow, after navigating around Kent Ave, I went to N12 and look what I saw, a empty lot, I thought, wow, I had a lot of good memories there, from the barbecues to the Thanksgiving dinners, to the bad times which I won’t mention here, it was a good place to come to work, if you were left alone. After driving around looking for parking I got lucky and found parking by the Turkey Nest Bar, they were some good memories there also. Then things really starting getting weird, I felt like I was looking into one of those pictures that asks what doesn’t belong and you have to circle the differences. First question was, Where is the building? Second was, Why the 2 baskets on each corner on Bedford Ave.?, I found it to be weird but I also know there’s a logical reason for it, Third, was the bikes, WOW!  they were a lot of bicycles around as you can see,   Fourth, there was the flat screen TV down in the token booth, which I thought was cool.   Last but not least, there was a Police Officer downstairs sitting in a squared station, which appear to be no larger than 6’x6’, well you know, I didn’t dare take a picture of her, she didn’t look too happy. Overall I found that little area of the world to be cozy and hip and at the same time, sad, because of the difference, for good or bad, it was just different.

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