Year in Review 2014

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  • Cold, Cold and more Cold

    Frigid cold was the word of the day and it continued thru the entire night plow season.

    Bill de Blasio

    Mayor Bill de Blasio gets sworn in.

  • Long Winter!

    February 2014

    After looking at sites like this, I have had it, time to go, DS95 in and time to enjoy life after DSNY 🙂

    The cold just kept on coming.

  • End of an era.

  • Supervisor's exam takes place.

    dsny supervisor hatOpen book exam takes place, throws everybody for a loop, apparently DSNY wants to make sure they have a lot of candidates after the last few years of discouraging promotions, whether intentionally or not that’s what has been going on, hopefully the new Commissioner will oversee a new sense of decency for the new generation.

  • Saying good-bye to a friend

    Steve Frosch

  • Karma hits home.

    Queens Councilman Dan HalloranEvery Supervisor knows this guy, he is the one that accused us of laying down and creating a slow down on 2010’s Decembers Blizzard, well the tables were turned and he was found guilty of bribery, yeah Karma is strange sometimes.

    blizzard is coming

    2010 Blizzard

  • Gone Fishing 🙂

    Vacation Time

  • DSNY Spelunking

    Serafin Rivera