Year in Review 2014

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Frigid cold was the word of the day and it continued thru the entire night plow season.

Bill de Blasio

Mayor Bill de Blasio gets sworn in.

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February 2014

After looking at sites like this, I have had it, time to go, DS95 in and time to enjoy life after DSNY 🙂

The cold just kept on coming.

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dsny supervisor hatOpen book exam takes place, throws everybody for a loop, apparently DSNY wants to make sure they have a lot of candidates after the last few years of discouraging promotions, whether intentionally or not that’s what has been going on, hopefully the new Commissioner will oversee a new sense of decency for the new generation.

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W.T.C. Emergency Response Division DSNY

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Steve Frosch

[/tds-verticaltimeline] [/tds-verticaltimeline-panel] [tds-verticaltimeline-panel bgcolor1=”#6cbfee” bgcolor2=”#3594cb” timefontsize=”30px” titlecolor=”#ffffff”] [tds-verticaltimeline title=”Karma hits home.” date=”07/01/2014″ time=”00:00″ icon=”icon-calendar”] Queens Councilman Dan HalloranEvery Supervisor knows this guy, he is the one that accused us of laying down and creating a slow down on 2010’s Decembers Blizzard, well the tables were turned and he was found guilty of bribery, yeah Karma is strange sometimes.

blizzard is coming

2010 Blizzard

[/tds-verticaltimeline] [tds-verticaltimeline title=”Gone Fishing :)” date=”08/01/2014″ time=”00:00″ icon=”icon-calendar”] Vacation Time

[/tds-verticaltimeline] [tds-verticaltimeline title=”DSNY Spelunking” date=”09/01/2014″ time=”00:00″ icon=”icon-calendar”] Serafin Rivera
[/tds-verticaltimeline] [/tds-verticaltimeline-panel] [tds-verticaltimeline-panel bgcolor1=”#6cbfee” bgcolor2=”#3594cb” timefontsize=”30px” titlecolor=”#ffffff”] [tds-verticaltimeline title=”DSNY goes pink.” date=”10/01/2014″ time=”00:00″ icon=”icon-calendar”] si3cSW Exam 2014

We also saw 90,000+ apply to have a chance at being a Sanitation Worker. Good Luck to all.

Dept. of Sanitation holds graduation ceremony.

[/tds-verticaltimeline] [tds-verticaltimeline title=”QW5A is named after Sanitation Worker Steven Frosch” date=”11/01/2014″ time=”00:00″ icon=”icon-calendar”] Steve Frosch Garage

Sanitation worker finds man in and out of consciousness.

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Holiday Train Show

The Christmas Trash Strike of 1981

Wishing everybody Peace and Happiness all year.

Have a safe and enjoyable New Years Eve.

Happy New Year 🙂

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