You Think We Don’t See You!

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NYC Sanitation Police PatchAfter 24 years you would think that I have seen or heard it all, well one thing I could never understand is how people could think that they are not being watched. These crimes as silly as it might sound to the public they do put peoples lives in danger. All I can think of this is that some don’t know and the rest don’t care!

One thing is for sure they will know and care when their vehicle is taken away. Not only do they lose the vehicle they lose their only way in some cases of making a living for awhile, they have to pay a fine and now they have a criminal record, I just don’t think its worth it, but that’s me.

Some people think this unit and the rest of the DSNY Supervisor’s are just being hard asses, well lets just imagine if they weren’t doing their jobs, what would happen, and don’t get me wrong, it will happen.

The following are just some of the things that could or will happen.

  • Creating an eyesore.
  • Dangerous chemicals leaking into the ground contaminating water supplies.
  • Dangerous gases going into the air damaging the ozone.
  • Creating an area for diseases to feaster with insects and rodents.

Illegal Dumping Tip Program

Illegal Dumping Complaint

Sanitation Task Force

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