Zero Tolerance

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Just recently the department began garage raids to root out weapons, drugs, pornography, and other annoying things that the city finds offensive and dangerous.

This new offensive is the newest weapon in the anti-socializing of the work place. This practice started in the early 90’s when we had raids by Chiefs and FIAT trying to crack down on card playing with money involved.

As the story goes, guys were playing cards and losing their paychecks, and the wives calling the garages, then finally informing downtown of this practice, of no money making it home to the family(rent, food and other bills), due to the lost of their entire paycheck.

I for one think that was a good thing, it’s one thing to lose a couple of dollars that only affect you, but to lose the money that takes care of your family is insane. This practice has help a lot of DSNY families over the years. The recent raids have produced some alarming practices, and should be stopped before someone gets hurt, goes to jail or worst and that also will hurt your family.


If you have offensive material, alcohol, drugs, weapons or mongo get rid of it now.

Keep your locker closed!

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